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Stolen equipment in the leisure industry

The UK leisure industry is worth £177 billion, according to research conducted by Deloitte1 in 2016. It’s also growing quickly, around 5% a year and at double the rate of the retail sector. In the UK leisure activities range from eating out to visiting sports events and live music. There is also a segment which encapsulates many niche businesses including bike rentals, segway tours, jet ski rental, kitesurfing/surfboard/kayak equipment rental, boat/yacht rental and many more. Some of these businesses handle high value items which would cause a substantial loss if stolen. CardsSafe offers a reliable and cost-effective way of protecting your leisure rental assets.

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Protect rental equipment

Reduce risk and gain peace of mind when loaning out your rental equipment

If your business rents high value items such as bikes, jet skis or Segways you could benefit from using the CardsSafe system. It’s modest cost is easily justified when comparing it to the loss or damage of a bike, for example. The “try before you buy” offering means many businesses are loaning equipment worth into the thousands of pounds, often without any real safeguard against theft. With CardsSafe you simply exchange the customer’s credit or debit card for a CardsSafe key. The key belongs to one unique box that is located within the main CardsSafe unit. Each unit holds up to 10 cards at a time. When the rental is returned, you exchange the key for the customer’s card. This simple method of storing a card is an effective deterrent against theft and damage.  Our system is available on a subscription basis with a low up-front payment and even includes 10 free replacement keys per year.

Evans cycles rental

Proof that CardsSafe can help leisure rental business’ reduce losses

CardsSafe have been working with Evans Cycles since June 2011. The initially tested CardsSafe at Canary Wharf, Mortimer street & Spitalfields with great success. In January 2012 Evans Cycles decided on a full roll-out across another 48 stores. Evans Cycles rely on CardsSafe to help ensure high value rental bikes are returned by customers.

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Protect your sports rental equipment

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