Improving customer service with CardsSafe

Increase Customer Trust & Loyalty with CardsSafe

If you want to build trust and relationships with your customers, CardsSafe can help. Because our system wirelessly and securely holds your customers’ bank cards while they run a tab, they will feel more relaxed knowing that their bank cards are safe. This frees them up to spend more time (and money) at your establishment.  […]

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CardsSafe Helps Hospitality Businesses To Up-Sell.

CardsSafe helps hospitality businesses to up-sell. It also acts as a proven and genuine deterrent for dine & dash and chargeback. It helps staff to upsell, increases trust between the venue and customers, and is why over 5000 brands, including Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, Lord’s cricket ground, and many independent restaurants and bars, utilise the system.  At just £9.95 per month […]

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Benefits of CardsSafe Trusted by UK Venues

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab. For over twenty years, CardsSafe has worked with the hospitality industry to assist with bar tabs. All customers who provide feedback report increased profits after installing the units. In addition, the system allows them […]

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CardsSafe – 20 Years in the Hospitality & Leisure Industries

CardsSafe Ltd. has worked with leisure and hospitality venues for more than twenty years. From pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants to golf courses, galleries and sports grounds, the CardsSafe system continues to be successfully utilised in all types of venues.  The CardsSafe system was specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards […]

Prevent Dine & Dash with CardsSafe

The CardsSafe system is designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab, which means it is the ideal deterrent for anyone contemplating walking out of your establishment without paying. CardsSafe works with the hospitality industry to assist with bar tabs which undoubtedly help to increase profits. Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, […]

Bacchus Wines PLDC

Award-Winning Wines from Bacchus Wines PLDC

Bacchus Wines PLDC to Offer Award-Winning Yet Affordable Wines to the UK Hospitality Industry. Bacchus Wines PLDC Ltd. is a new partnership between CardsSafe Ltd. and wine broker Pierre-Loup DeCam. They aim to bring the joyful and affordable wines of the award-winning Chateaux de Parenchère in eastern Bordeaux to independent restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK.  […]

Stop bike rental theft

Protecting Bike Hire Companies’ Assets

Reducing Theft & Damage to Bike Hire Companies Nationwide Since lockdown, we have all be appreciating the great outdoors more, and the leisure industry, from golf courses to sea sports and bike rental outlets, have seen an increase in hires as a result. The UK leisure industry is worth £177 billion, according to research conducted […]

Introducing Bacchus Wines (PLDC)

CardsSafe Ltd. is pleased to announce a new partnership with wine broker and aficionado Pierre-Loup DeCam, founder of Bacchus Wines (PLDC). CardsSafe and Pierre-Loup are thrilled to be working together to bring the joyful wines of Parenchère in eastern Bordeaux to independent restaurants, pubs and bars in the UK.   For all the negatives the last […]

CardsSafe Welcomes New and Returning Customers post-Covid Interruption

In the height of the global pandemic in 2020 and 20021, while most of the hospitality industry was on its knees, their suppliers, became victims too.  With more than 5000 UK-based customers in the hospitality and leisure industries, CardsSafe was one of those suppliers. Facing customers who needed a break in their rental contracts, they […]

CardsSafe Interview in Venue Insight Magazine

Venue Insight magazine caught up with our Director Trond Rornes, to discuss how CardsSafe is helping leisure & hospitality businesses. Q. In at the deep end as always! Why CardsSafe? What defines you guys and makes you different to other similar providers? A. We protect assets in a new way and help our customers improve […]

CardsSafe Pays for Itself!

What is CardsSafe The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or trials your products or services. Staff simply retain customers’ bank cards, store them securely in the CardsSafe unit while their customers enjoy the facilities. When they are ready to return […]

Retaining Bank Cards – The Myths

Understandably, we are sometimes asked questions by interested businesses about retaining bank cards. Is retaining cards safe? What about GDPR? What if the bank card is stolen? Is retaining cards legal? There are numerous questions that we are only too happy to answer. Below is a Q&A with CardsSafe’s Founder & Director, Trond Rornes. He […]

Reduce Costs and Losses with CardsSafe

The CardsSafe is designed to protect customer and business assets by securely retaining customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or uses a product or service. The system eliminates walkouts, protects business properties and ensures that customers’ valuable bank and identity information does not get into the hands of fraudsters.  […]

CardsSafe works with Galleries & Museums

CardsSafe has been a successful deterrent in preventing the loss or damage of high-value audio equipment at The National Portrait Gallery. The National Portrait Gallery is an internationally renowned gallery housing portraits of notable and famous British men and women. It opened its doors in 1856 and welcomes over one million visitors each year. The […]

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Reasons to use CardsSafe

CardsSafe is now used by over 5000 independent hospitality and leisure businesses in the UK. The technology helps pubs, bars, and restaurants to increase spending onsite and assists hotels, golf courses, and galleries to protect their valuable business assets.  CardsSafe is not just for industry as it acts as a powerful deterrent to credit and […]

Increase Spend by using CardsSafe Outdoors this Summer

The hospitality and leisure industries are eager to welcome customers again. Recouping losses caused by the COVID pandemic will undoubtedly be on top of many businesses’ lists. With customers just as keen to return to some kind of ‘normal’, anticipation is rising.  Venues with outdoor facilities will already be looking at ways to create a […]

Preventing Dine & Dash with CardsSafe

Dine & Dash or ‘walk-outs’ are a constant worry for any restaurant, bar or pub manager. Even before the COVID pandemic, accounts of diners stepping out before paying their bill were numerous across the UK. Reported losses and arrests in Essex, Norfolk and London saw hospitality businesses incur losses in their thousands.  Although ‘dine & […]

If You Want Increase Spend, You Must Retain Cards

The hospitality industry has taken a colossal hit during the COVID pandemic. The damage to restaurant, café, pub and bar owners is undisputed, yet those who come through to the other side will still face substantial losses that they will want to recoup. However, there is a silver lining, and soon customers will be flocking […]

Helping Car Dealerships and Vehicle Testing Stations to store cards securely

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while they test drive a vehicle, or to protect MOT Security Cards for Nominated Testers (NT) and Authorised Examiners (AE). Complying with the DVSA’s strict guidelines for security, the CardsSafe system is helping MOT Test Centres to stay and safe […]

CardsSafe is Made in Britain

The CardsSafe system is proudly made in Britain by UK-based manufacturers.  CardsSafe helps the hospitality, leisure, automotive and art industries to protect their business assets while their customers trial a product or service or run a tab on or off-site.  A group of entrepreneurs founded CardsSafe with the idea to protect assets from the beginning. […]

Best Practice for using the CardsSafe® system

Our “best practice advice” for how to handle ID, credit, debit or security cards has been developed to ensure that the customer or user has the best experience and that the merchant maximises the service and financial potential of using the unique CardsSafe® system.   In light of new COVID-19 regulations, it is advisable that the […]

CardsSafe’s Daniel Rornes becomes Danish Paragolf Champion 2020.

Debutante Daniel Rornes, who’s part of our team, won this year’s Paragolfing Championships in Denmark. Hosted at Hørsholm Golf course, the two-day tournament, saw professionals and amateurs with either physical or learning disabilities showcase their skills on the course.  Daniel’s missing left hand did not stop him from bringing home the gold, even though the conditions on the green […]

Protecting Golf Industry Assets

Reducing Theft & Damage on Golf Courses Nationwide It is estimated that stolen golf equipment costs the industry a whopping £10million per year, according to Bunkered. Alarming as that sounds, there are numerous ways to deter and therefore prevent these losses.  As courses are slowly returning to business as usual, and the UK remains one of […]

CardsSafe is Quick & Easy to Use

If you’ve now had the CardsSafe system installed. Congrats! If you’re considering the system for your venue, read on. Retaining your customers’ valuable banking or ID cards is now safer than ever. CardsSafe eliminates fraud and misplacement and protects assets, for businesses and customer. It helps to increase customer spend and trust in your brand […]

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The hospitality and leisure industries are based on exceeding customer expectations. The better the business does to impress their clients, the better their reputation and loyalty.  However, not every business, whether you’re a golf course or a village pub, gets it right every time. The human factor is in play, and people sometimes forget or […]

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