Hotel pillow and towel theft

From pillows to bath towels - hoteliers are frequent victims of theft

A study conducted by surveyed 1,157 hoteliers in late December 2019, asking them to list the most stolen assets from their properties. Interestingly some trends emerged which showed differences between 4 and 5 star hotels, and also how different nationalities favour certain items. Topping the list at 77.5% and 65.1% are towels and bathrobes. Annoyingly these items may be on rental, for example in a spa hotel, and often these items do not warrant the time and cost of legal action. These thefts hurt the businesses bottom line in the long run.

Hotel guest stealing items

Expensive hotels, expensive tastes

The research from Wellness Heaven shows that the theft of higher value assets is more frequent in 5 star hotels. For example, it’s 5.5x more likely that artwork will be stolen from an upmarket hotel. It’s also 9x more likely a TV will go missing from 5 star hotels whereas 4 star hotels often see the theft of batteries from the remote control instead. This is an addition to other in-room luxuries which are stolen such as coffee machines and bed linen.

CardsSafe unit

A deterrent against theft

At CardsSafe we understand that businesses have time and resource limitations which is why checking every hotel room after checkout could be unrealistic. Instead we propose a deterrent against theft – asking for a credit or debit card to be left with reception on check in, stored safely within a CardsSafe unit. The process is quick, simple and PCI compliant: the customer hands over a card which you place in a CardsSafe box, giving the customer the corresponding key. Keys are unique for each box, and one box holds one card, so both parties can be assured there will be no mix ups or mistakes. During check out the card is returned. Prior to this the hotel could perform a quick check against the highest value items in the room, but more likely customers will be afraid of the consequences when they have handed over their card – it could be the deterrent that removes the temptation!

Hilton hotel and CardsSafe

Proof that CardsSafe can help hotels reduce losses

CardsSafe have been working with the world-famous Hilton hotels chain since 2005. We originally started in Cardiff and then expanded into 74 different Hilton locations about the UK. Hilton uses CardsSafe for two purposes; to help settle a tab with a customer and as a deposit mechanism for rented items such as expensive towels and robes.

CardsSafe and Hilton Hotels


All our customers are pleased that we look after their cards in a more secure manner with CardsSafe.


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