Reduce Costs and Losses with CardsSafe

The CardsSafe is designed to protect customer and business assets by securely retaining customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or uses a product or service.

The system eliminates walkouts, protects business properties and ensures that customers’ valuable bank and identity information does not get into the hands of fraudsters. 

Trusted by over 5,000 independent and chain businesses

Using CardsSafe can help against fraud, making unauthorised payments virtually impossible. In addition, the merchants’ financial situation improves significantly because customers increase spending, and fewer people leave without settling their bill. The CardsSafe system also eliminates staff and customer errors and drops charge-back by up 90%.

Fight Fraud

CardsSafe can help to protect customers from credit card and identity fraud by opportunists and dishonest staff members. On several occasions, CardsSafe’s clients were notified by the merchant notifying them that certain staff were attempting to clone cards, and as a result, the appropriate action was taken. 

Preventing Dine & Dash

CardsSafe virtually eliminates walk-outs because it retains bank cards and allows secure tab keeping. Rather than insisting on advance payment, businesses can keep tabs and up-sell while they do so. CardsSafe technology eliminates the temptation or opportunism. 

“The CardsSafe system is great for servicing customers who enjoy our outside areas.”

Deborah Steel, the Director of the Deers Hut in Liphook in Hampshire.

Golf Swing

Protecting Assets 

The CardsSafe system was first installed at Silvermere Golf in 2015 to tackle their customer hires, with additional units added later after positive feedback from customers.

CardsSafe has helped Silvermere store their customer’s bank cards securely while hiring their equipment or trial their facilities. Also, staff can act quickly should equipment need fixing or replacing because incidents can be reported as soon as the customer returns.

“CardsSafe has allowed us to safely retain customers’ cards while they trial equipment on the driving range. We can trust CardsSafe and efficiently replace any faulty or lost components.”

Dani Snow, Manager at Silvermere 

Hilton Islington

Peace of Mind

Cardssafe has had a longstanding relationship and been facilitating hire services and bar tabs for Hilton Hotels since 2005. The card systems are in 61 outlets nationwide, and what started as a partnership at one of their flagship hotels in Cardiff soon rolled out to the rest of the UK.

Cardssafe helps Hilton Hotels to tackle their bar tabs and hotel amenities hires. With thousands of guests visiting daily, keeping track of customer spending and borrowing and shift changes, CardsSafe offers the ideal solution to ensure that all tabs are up-to-date, accurate and always settled.

“All our customers are pleased that we look after their cards in a more secure manner with CardsSafe.”

Matthew, Director at Hilton Hotels 

Talk to CardsSafe to reduce costs and losses and to increase spending in the process!

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