Reasons to use CardsSafe

CardsSafe is now used by over 5000 independent hospitality and leisure businesses in the UK. The technology helps pubs, bars, and restaurants to increase spending onsite and assists hotels, golf courses, and galleries to protect their valuable business assets. 

CardsSafe is not just for industry as it acts as a powerful deterrent to credit and debit card fraud and offers peace of mind to individuals using their bank cards. They are safe knowing that opportunists cannot obtain their vital card information while they eat, sleep or play. 

Reasons to use CardsSafe

Increases Spending

Customers are eager to return to ‘normal’ and to enjoy slow lunches and boozy catch-ups which have been so sorely missed.  Establishments will need to retain cards and allow for tabs in order to increase spending. Phil Dixon, a previous advisor to the BII, was adamant that “If you want to increase spend, you must retain cards.”  And Paul Eagles, previous Head of Risk Policy and Strategy at VISA, confirmed this statement saying, “When using cards, people spend at least 35% more.”

Eliminates Walk-Outs and Dine & Dash

CardsSafe also virtually eliminates walk-outs because it retains bank cards and allows secure tab keeping. Rather than insisting on advance payment, businesses can keep tabs and up-sell while they do so. CardsSafe technology eliminates the temptation or opportunism. 

“The CardsSafe system is great for servicing customers who enjoy our outside areas.”
Deborah Steel, the Director of the Deers Hut in Liphook in Hampshire.

Museum and gallery audio guide stolen

Protects Assets

For the leisure industry, CardsSafe can help with the misplacement or theft of items. For the golf industry, it presents a solution that discourages abandonment of golf buggies and clubs. For galleries and museums, it stops audio equipment from being lost or damaged. Should such an occurrence happen, the business can charge the account holder. It’s as simple as that. 

“The National Portrait Gallery has used Cardssafe for the security of its audio guide hire system to guarantee these consumer-grade, high-value IT items against loss or theft. It has always been a successful deterrent, and it has been a pleasure to work with the helpful and efficient team in the Cardssafe administration centre on supply and billing.”
Andrea, Manager TNPG

Flexibility through Wireless Technology 

The CardsSafe units, which hold up to ten cards, are wireless which means that they can be placed behind the bar or reception or become mobile should the need arise. For businesses offering alfresco dining or outdoor activities, the units can be carried to the customer to provide extra customer service that could set the company apart from the competition.  

 “CardsSafe has been a welcome addition to the London Golf Club. We utilise the system in our Golf Shop and Spike Bar, and on-course with our Drinks Buggy. With CardsSafe, we can safely store customers’ cards whilst they enjoy their round of golf.”
Grant Rumbelow, Food and Beverage Operations Manager.

Simple to Use

Using CardsSafe is super simple and requires minimal staff training. Employees simply exchange a customer’s bank or ID card for a unique key and lock away their card. When the patron is ready to pay, the reverse exchange happens. The benefit to customers is that they know that their cards are being well looked after and that the venue is complying with PCI and strict COVID guidelines.

“All our customers are pleased that we look after their cards in a more secure manner with CardsSafe.”
Matthew, Director, Hilton Hotels

Hilton hotel and CardsSafe


CardsSafe is also remarkably affordable at just under £10 per month rental per unit. Each unit can hold up to 10 cards, and multiple units can be added to suit. It pays for itself and helps to increase profit levels, protect expensive assets, reduces losses and eliminate walkouts.

CardsSafe is now trusted by major brands and independent businesses in the UK, including Hilton Hotels, Young’s pubs, Lord’s – the home of cricket, over 40 golf club nationwide and cultural hubs such as The National Portrait Gallery. 

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