Protecting Bike Hire Companies’ Assets

Reducing Theft & Damage to Bike Hire Companies Nationwide

Since lockdown, we have all be appreciating the great outdoors more, and the leisure industry, from golf courses to sea sports and bike rental outlets, have seen an increase in hires as a result.

The UK leisure industry is worth £177 billion, according to research conducted by Deloitte1 in 2016, and it’s growing. For example, electric bike rentals, segway tours, jet ski rental, kitesurfing/surfboard/kayak equipment rental, boat/yacht rental and many more. Some of these businesses handle high-value items, which would cause a substantial loss if stolen. CardsSafe offers a reliable and cost-effective way of protecting your leisure rental assets.

1Read the Deloitte research

CardsSafe helps to reduce the risk of theft and gain peace of mind

Our CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit, and ID cards while the cardholder runs a product or services tab or trials.
If your business rents high-value items such as bikes, e-bikes or Segways, you could benefit from using the CardsSafe system. It’s modest cost is easily justified when comparing it to the loss or damage of a bike.

How does CardsSafe work?

With CardsSafe you simply exchange the customer’s credit or debit card for a CardsSafe key. The key belongs to one unique box that is located within the main CardsSafe unit. Each unit holds up to 10 cards at a time. When the rental is returned, you exchange the key for the customer’s card.
Our system is available on a subscription basis with a low up-front payment and even includes ten free replacement keys per year.

This form of security is a significant deterrent from theft and damage, and it also assures your customers that their cards will not be misused. The bonus of using our system is that you don’t need to take a hefty deposit, and no data is captured using the CardsSafe system.

uk electric bike centre

Proof that CardsSafe can help bike rental businesses reduce losses

CardsSafe have been working with UK Electric Bike Centre – e-bike hire, sales and repairs specialist in Kent, since 2020. Owner Marcus wanted to make hiring e-bikes easier yet safer for both the business and his customers.

Since installation, their hire process has been made much smoother and has eliminated the risk of theft when hiring their electric bikes. In addition, their customers are reassured that their credit and ID cards are kept securely, and they no longer need to put down a deposit to hire their bikes.

“The Electric Bike Hire Company has been very happy with CardsSafe and the service we have received. It’s a great idea and has allowed us to hire e-bikes in the safe knowledge that they will be returned at the end of the hire as we have safely secured the customer’s credit card. They are simple to use, and CardsSafe provide a swift and easy service to get the safe delivered and up and running. Highly recommended for other hire companies. Read the case study here.”

Marcus – UK Electric Bike Centre

uk electric bike centre

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