Exceeding Customer Expectations

The hospitality and leisure industries are based on exceeding customer expectations. The better the business does to impress their clients, the better their reputation and loyalty. 

Hilton Hotels

However, not every business, whether you’re a golf course or a village pub, gets it right every time. The human factor is in play, and people sometimes forget or lose their cool, we are only human beings, after all. 

According to Survey Monkey, UK businesses lose £12 billion per years as a result of poor customer service. This sounds astronomical, especially in a time of Covid-19, but there are ways to improve the way your customers see your business.

CardsSafe at London Golf Club

It begins with professionalism, insight and attention

Being ahead of the game in your business, investing in the latest technology and researching the competition will set you apart from your competition. Having insight and fore thinking will lead to a better understanding and knowledge. Listening to your customers and genuinely paying attention to their opinions will see your business soar. 

At CardsSafe, our technology has been a part of customer service for numerous restaurants, hotels, galleries, bars, pubs and leisure facilities such as golf courses. We protect the assets of both the business and their customers. Our system securely protects customer bank and ID cards while they run a tab of trial a product or service. Our units signify, to the customer, that the facility they are frequenting or using, cares about their personal data. Personal data and banking information is gold dust in the wrong hands, and if a bank card is simply slotted in the wallet of stuffed in a till things don’t look good for the business. The impression of the brand is diminished, resulting in less loyalty and ultimately, a reluctance for that customer to return.

Protecting Assets

Proving to your customers that you have insight into the threats and are professional in doing something about it, will show them that you pay attention to every detail, and therefore to them.

As mentioned before, we’ve worked with numerous leisure and hospitality clients, and one of our longest-standing customers, the leading global hospitality brand Hilton have been using our system since 2005. They say;

“All our customers are pleased that we look after their cards in a more secure manner with CardsSafe.”

So, the choice is yours. If you can’t always help the human side of customer service, then make sure you get the professional side of it spot-on and continue to exceed your customer’s expectations.

Any comments or questions regarding the CardsSafe system?

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