About London Yeomans Peugeot in Worthing

Yeomans Peugeot is a car dealership and automotive repair shop based in Worthing, West Sussex. Their team provide expert advice on new and used Peugeot cars and commercial vehicles. They are also a Motability specialist and offer manufacturer-approved servicing and MOTs with authentic Peugeot replacement parts.

Yeomans Peugeot and CardsSafe

In 2016, having researched the best way to protect the new MOT Security Cards issued by the DVSA, Dealer Principal Leon approached CardsSafe to help him tackle the security and protection of his mechanics’ MOT Security Cards.  CardsSafe management saw an opportunity to help solve a real problem and were happy to help Leon out.

How has CardsSafe helped Yeomans Peugeot?

Each registered mechanic who is qualified to perform MOTs is given an MOT Security Card to generate a unique code to complete their customers’ MOTs lawfully. Since 2016, the law makes it obligatory for all registered trade users to own and keep safe their individual card. The DVSA inspects cardholders regularly, and CardsSafe has enabled Yeomans Peugeot’s mechanics to securely store their cards in an accessible location, preventing theft and malpractice, and protecting the integrity of the dealership.

How has CardsSafe helped Yeomans Peugeot?


CardsSafe is the best solution we’ve seen in protecting our mechanic’s unique MOT Security Cards. Not only does it comply with DVSA’s strict guidelines but ensures the security on all MOTs. It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for!


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Any comments or questions regarding the CardsSafe system?

Our staff will be more then happy to help. Give us a call on 0845 500 1040 or drop us an email at service@cardssafe.com. Happy to help!