CardsSafe’s Daniel Rornes becomes Danish Paragolf Champion 2020.

(Daniel Rornes, in the centre with the trophy)

Debutante Daniel Rornes, who’s part of our team, won this year’s Paragolfing Championships in Denmark. Hosted at Hørsholm Golf course, the two-day tournament, saw professionals and amateurs with either physical or learning disabilities showcase their skills on the course. 

Daniel’s missing left hand did not stop him from bringing home the gold, even though the conditions on the green were less than perfect after epic rainfall just days before. 

“This year was my debut. I was contacted by the chairman of the Danish ParaGolf Union. He had seen my registered scores this season and seeing that I was on the mailing list he gave me a call and encouraged me to sign up for the tournament. I’m glad I did!”

(The winning trophy)

Golfing from the age of seven, Daniel grew up in the USA, where he reluctantly caddied for his father. Playing was more his game, and soon he picked up his own clubs. Regardless of his disability, he was quickly scoring better than peers twice his age. Despite his golfing talent, after his family moved to Denmark Daniel decided to play softball at school instead, seeing him and his teammates in national tournaments. Golf was more ‘for fun’, and after playing for decades, his passion for golf never waned.

Paragolfing or Disability Golf has been growing in popularity and recognition over the decades and the major golf associations across the world host tournaments that aim to create more exposure and show how accessible the game is. 

Jamie Blair, England Golf Disability Manager, explains, 

“Growing the game of golf is about growing the game for all. We work with golf clubs to be more inclusive, more accessible and better connected to disabled people in their local community.” 

With the rise in the uptake of golf across the world since the outbreak of Coronavirus, it’s evident that sport in the great outdoors has a strong pull. Regardless of abilities, or experience, golf has become more open to those who would ordinarily shy away from clubs. James Corrigan, a golf correspondent for The Telegraph, has professed the sport as ‘the official sport of social distance’. So, whether you have zero experience, have impaired ability or simply want to get out in the great outdoors with other people, getting into golf has never had such a great appeal.

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