CardsSafe Welcomes New and Returning Customers post-Covid Interruption

In the height of the global pandemic in 2020 and 20021, while most of the hospitality industry was on its knees, their suppliers, became victims too. 

With more than 5000 UK-based customers in the hospitality and leisure industries, CardsSafe was one of those suppliers. Facing customers who needed a break in their rental contracts, they saw their business halt as a result. Not knowing exactly where that would lead, founder Trond Rornes reflects.

“We had many calls from despondent managers and owners of bars, pubs and restaurants looking for help with their cost base. We suffered losses daily, but we could only do the right thing. Therefore, we offered customers that needed it the option to pause their contracts while the venues they were operating were closed. We’re thrilled that they are now coming back!”

Hospitality and leisure businesses are opening full services again. Yet, the general advice still encourages caution but more freedom. Because the CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards, it allows cardholders to run a tab and trial a product or service. And since the easing of lockdown measures, CardsSafe has seen an escalation in returning customers and new sign-ups. New customers are an eclectic mix from hospitality and leisure businesses and include local and community pubs, luxury golf courses and aspirational bars and clubs from across the UK. 

Lisa Rornes, Operations Director, explains: 

“We are thrilled to have seen such an uptake from new and returning customers. Luckily, most of our customers are now returning after the COVID hiatus, and we’re really pleased that operators still value our unique system. Especially considering that pre-pay Apps and contactless are being promoted so much. CardsSafe allows food and drink venues to safely retain cards and encourage natural upsell to their customers. In addition, this slow approach increases the feel-good aspect of staff and customer interaction that has been sorely missed.”

Customers can run without paying for drinks

One of the reasons behind this increase in interest and customers returning is the potential to increase profit and reduce losses with the CardsSafe system. A previous advisor to the BII, Phil Dixon, said that “If you want to increase spend, you must retain cards.” Paul Eagles, prior Head of Risk Policy and Strategy at VISA, confirmed this by stating, “When using cards, people spend at least 35% more.” 

The virtual elimination of chargeback and a significant reduction in walk-outs in bars and restaurants or theft of leisure hire equipment reiterates the fact that CardsSafe literally pays for itself. 

The team at CardsSafe are thrilled to welcome back their existing clients and welcome new ones too. “We hope that we can all return to better times where slow dining experiences, staff engagement and lasting leisurely experiences may long continue.”

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