CardsSafe Pays for Itself!

What is CardsSafe

The CardsSafe system is specifically designed to securely retain customer credit, debit and ID cards while the cardholder runs a tab or trials your products or services.

Staff simply retain customers’ bank cards, store them securely in the CardsSafe unit while their customers enjoy the facilities. When they are ready to return the items or pay their bill, they hand back the key, and their card is returned by staff.

Over 5000 major brands trust CardsSafe

CardsSafe is now used by over 5000 major brands in the UK. In the hospitality industries, Young’s pubs, Hilton Hotels, Lord’s cricket ground and many independent restaurants and bars use the system. CardsSafe helps them to increase spend, prevent walkouts and fight credit card fraud. 

In the leisure industries, dozens of golf courses and bike hire businesses across the UK also use CardsSafe to assist with equipment hire. It helps with the safe return of valuable assets, which these businesses rely on. 

“CardsSafe has allowed us to safely retain customers’ cards while they trial equipment on the driving range. We can trust CardsSafe and efficiently replace any faulty or lost components.”

Dani Snow, Manager at Silvermere 

Golf Buggy theft stolen

Preventing Walkouts & Reducing Losses

For bars and restaurants, the danger of a customer walking out without paying is a real problem. Whether sat inside or out, many covers can create opportunities for this to happen. If, however, businesses retain cards, the temptation is eliminated, saving the establishment hundreds of pounds per year. Read more about Dine & Dash here

“The CardsSafe system is great for servicing customers who enjoy our outside areas.”

Deborah Steel, the Director of the Deers Hut in Liphook in Hampshire.

Increase Spend by Retaining Cards Safely

Phil Dixon, a previous advisor to the BII, was adamant that “If you want to increase spend, you must retain cards.” A simple solution, and one that could be a quick and easy win. Paul Eagles, previous Head of Risk Policy and Strategy at VISA, confirmed this by his statement, “When using cards, people spend at least 35% more.”

So, to increase spend, you must retain cards. Customers will feel safer knowing that their cards are being stored in a secure way and you will have the opportunity to up-sell.  

CardsSafe is Affordable and Pays for Itself

Each unit, which contains ten card drawers, can be hired for just £9.99 per month. Each hire comes with customer service troubleshooting and free replacement keys. Additional units can be added at any time. The question is, can you afford not to consider CardsSafe as a part of your business?

“Turnover increased significantly after CardsSafe was installed, and the system easily pays for itself.”

Siobhan, The Prodigal (Barracuda)

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