Stop pub walk-outs

Pubs in the UK are losing profits due to walk-outs

The UK is home to around 50,000 pubs ranging from your typical “local” to high-end michelin starred Gastropubs. Many pubs permit the customer to eat and drink on a tab, expecting them to settle before leaving. Sadly this doesn’t always happen and many establishments have fallen victim to “dine and dash” or “walk-outs”. Research conducted by the newspaper “Manchester Evening News” indicates that these cases are on the rise*. The August 2018 article states that Greater Manchester Police have recorded 6,379 crimes relating to making off without paying (food, drink, fuel, taxis etc). This figure is a 5% rise on the year before and also the highest amount of offences since records began 16 years ago.


How and why do pub walk-outs happen?

In some regions of the UK the same offenders have systematically targeted businesses, rotating locations or only visiting once to avoid being caught. One example would be a customer of the Wyvill Arms in North Yorkshire1 who ran up a bill for £195 then claimed he was going to meet his wife nearby and never returned. He consumed a steak pie, four bottles of Peroni, 14 vodka and colas, four large white wines, two gins and two pints of Hop House lager and a bottle of prosecco – all without paying. Another example is from The Owl in Kingsfold where a group of 4 ran from paying their £120 bill2. Zak Moore, assistant manager at the pub, was serving and said “the men were between 18 and 21-years-old and seemed quite decent”,

“They ordered their starters and mains and everything looked great”, “One moment they were there the next moment they were gone”. The group ordered expensive items from the menu including “a 20oz steak that was on the specials board which is £25”. The cited article ends with this: The pub is now looking at introducing a policy where groups under the age of 30 are asked to leave a credit or bank card as a deposit. This is exactly where the CardsSafe solution can help you protect your pub against offences like this.



How CardsSafe can reduce losses and increase profits in your pub

There are two situations where a customer may not pay in your pub and CardsSafe can help with both; 1) The customer simply forgets to pay when they leave 2) The customer had no intention of paying or is an opportunist. In scenario 1 CardsSafe will help because the customer will be carrying the plastic CardsSafe key which they received when handing over their credit or debit card. They can simply return and pay the bill when they remember! In scenario 2 the customer would be much less likely to leave without making payment as their card would still be stored in the CardsSafe unit.

CardsSafe unit

Proof that CardsSafe can help pubs reduce losses

CardsSafe have been working with “The Deer’s Hut” in Hampshire since April 2013. Due to the success of the units, especially in the large outdoor area, the pub ordered more units in 2015. The Deer’s Hut uses CardsSafe to help ensure customer tabs are settled quickly and easily.

How has CardsSafe helped the Deer's Hut gastropub?


The CardsSafe system is great for servicing customers who enjoy our outside areas.


Settle tabs in your pub with CardsSafe

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