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Golf clubs, rental equipment and theft

Golf originated in Scotland during the 15th century and in 1794 an 18-hole course was established at “Old Course”, St Andrews – now known as the “home of golf”. The UK remains one of the world’s most prevalent locations for golf with some 2,500 locations country-wide. With so many golf clubs, there are many rental golf buggies and rental clubs in use on a daily basis. Sadly theft of equipment is a common problem and with high value items being damaged or stolen, this hurts the bottom line of any golf club.

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Theft of golf club assets

A quick Google search will show many stories of buggy theft, some of which have happened out of hours, but some in the middle of the day where customers have simply driven off. Battery theft is also becoming a real issue as batteries can be re-sold, or the battery acid can be used to make the drug Crystal Meth. Golf clubs that offer a club rental service are also particularly vulnerable to theft.

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How to protect your golf club equipment against theft

Using a CardsSafe unit to retain a customer’s payment card is an effective deterrent against theft and vandalism of golf club equipment as customers must return goods in order to retrieve their bank card. This also helps to eradicate golf clubs and buggies being dumped on the site which means your staff/team can spend more time helping customers and less time locating equipment. It’s a simple system: the customer exchanges their card for a CardsSafe key, the key belongs to a single secure box for the peace of mind for both parties.

Proof that CardsSafe can help golf clubs reduce losses

The CardsSafe system is now in over forty golf clubs nationwide and works with Foxhills, Silvermere, The London Golf Club and Redlibbets and the demand is increasing.
It helps with customer hires and with their food and drink offer. Staff can act quickly should equipment need fixing of replacing because incidents can be reported as soon as the customer returns.

Find out more about how CardsSafe has helped Silvermere and London Golf Club.

How has CardsSafe helped Silvermere golf course?


CardsSafe has allowed us to safely retain customers’ cards while they trial equipment on the driving range. We can trust CardsSafe and efficiently replace any faulty or lost components.


Protect your golf club rentals and buggies

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