There are over 22,000 MOT Test Centres in the UK

In 2016, the DVLA  introduced new MOT Security Cards to ensure the integrity of all MOTs carried out in the UK. Each registered mechanic who is qualified to perform MOTs is given an MOT Security Card to generate a unique code to complete their customers’ MOTs lawfully.

The law

Since 2016, the law makes it obligatory for all registered trade users to own and keep safe their individual card. The DVLA inspects cardholders regularly to ensure the safekeeping of the MOT Security Cards. They need to be securely stored in an accessible location to prevent theft, loss, breakage, identity fraud and malpractice, and to protect the integrity of the registered mechanic and dealership.

All MOT Security Cards must be stored securely

DVLA is extremely focused on keeping their security devices safe and secure at all times. During regular audits, if the cards are found in sub-standard or negligent places such as toolboxes, pockets, desks or wallets, negative marks are given against the testing station, and repeat offences can ultimately lose the owner their credentials to conduct MOT tests.

CardsSafe is the solution!

CardsSafe Protects Assets for businesses. The system is specifically designed to retain valuable cards securely preventing theft and damage.

For MOT Test Centres, CardsSafe can help to comply with DVLA strict guidelines when it comes to MOT Security Cards. According to MOT Learning Services storing your MOT Security Cards in a CardsSafe unit as “the best system we have ever come across”.

CardsSafe is easy, and simple to use. Find out just how easy here. See how Yeomans Peugeot use CardsSafe in our case study.



CardsSafe is the best solution we’ve seen in protecting our mechanic’s unique MOT Security Cards. Not only does it comply with DVLA’s strict guidelines but ensures the security on all MOTs. It’s exactly what we’ve been looking for! Read the case study here.


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